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  • Where to start thinking and looking for a graduate job 

  • Location consideration 

  • Utilising what you’ve studied in your CV and on LinkedIn 

  • Making the right approach to a company or agency 

Many students have focused their attention on final year assignments and have delayed thinking about their careers. This is understandable. There is so much going on in the final year of a degree that this is sometimes the most effective approach. I can help with 'where to start' in your decision journey. I have helped final year students for over 20 years at this stage. 

There are two approaches I offer in the career planning and job search phase. Both of these stages need careful consideration and there are a number of elements of preparation before you make a job application. 

Your career considerations


We will discuss the five core elements for happiness and success in your career: 

1.                   Interests 

2.                   Personality 

3.                   Attitudes 

4.                   Values 

5.                   Personal circumstances 

All of these elements will influence the type of role you apply for, whether it is a graduate job or prescribed graduate training scheme with a major corporate. These are quite different and it is important that you understand the variances. Both of these are the correct route to follow but it depends on what you want from your job, and I can help with understanding the differences and having a clearer picture of what is right for you.  

How to market yourself to future employers 


We will discuss these essentials steps: 

1.                   Graduate CV writing 

2.                   LinkedIn profiles 

3.                   Social media personality 

4.                   Searching for jobs 

5.                   Research and preparation 

6.                   Applying for roles in the correct way 

7.                   Interview technique 


It is vital that you prepare and promote yourself in the correct way for graduate employers. There are some critical elements that will get you noticed and enable you to stand out in the application process. I have seen many examples of excellent approaches by students and graduates, but also some mistakes. I will give you a clear process for marketing yourself in the best way. 

In 60 minutes I can give you the important elements to consider for your career planning and job search journey. Many consultancies charge hundreds of pounds for this type of experienced advice. Book your masterclass hour for only £50. 

Contact me for a Masterclass hour of Career Planning and Job Search expertise.