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  • Preparation and research that makes you stand out 

  • Interviews and presentations that make you look professional and sharp 

  • Group tasks and exercises that make people want to be in your team 

  • Inside information on the company’s graduate scheme (through my research)

All graduate employers go through a process of assessing who is the right candidate, with the right skills. There are many ways that companies can assess who is the right person for a job, from a very basic interview and references, to a more effective and thorough assessment centre. Typically, the larger the company and bigger the brand the more systematic and involved the process will be. For example, a graduate job at a local small business may involve two interviews but a globally prominent company may have six steps in their recruitment process. 

In my commercial career, I have worked with HR departments and recruited graduates into businesses for over 20 years and can explain the important elements that make you stand out and get noticed in this process. Some of these are company specific but many of these are generic and in house 'secrets'. In my academic career, I also have over 20 years’ experience helping final year students through recruitment steps, from the simple to the very complex and have a history of results. Please click here to read these success stories. 


Virtually every company will want graduates to be interviewed for a position. This is a well-documented process with many books and websites offering help e.g. great answers to difficult interview questions. I can guide you through the key elements in an interview that will really make you impress. 

Assessment Centres

Larger companies will typically have a whole day dedicated to different assessments for graduate positions. This can be an intimidating environment for many graduates but I can guide you through what takes place, what the specific steps are for the company you are applying to, and how you can stand out as an applicant. 



Many graduates will have given presentations during their time at university and be cautious about being in front of a panel of company employees. I have seen many of these in my commercial career and can help you with the preparation and delivery of an impressive presentation. 

In 60 minutes I can give you the important elements to consider for your graduate interview and assessment centre. Many consultancies charge hundreds of pounds for this type of experienced advice. Book your masterclass hour for only £50. 

Contact me for a Masterclass hour of Career Planning and Job Search expertise.